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Sunset Lamps Are TikTok’s Secret To Easy

I, a millennial constantly taking photos of my tiny small apartment and trying to make it look bigger, am big on the idea of decorating. My favorite app is called Tik tik tak decors, which typically only posts about people’s rooms. The latest trend is an affordable DIY that can turn your nightstand into an awesome sunset lamp with just one purchase on this website.

I have noticed two of the biggest trends trending on Decortok are arch wall murals and disco ball reflections. Those who love to paint have stated that adding a tall, arch-shaped wall mural behind a bed, a table or a bar cart virtually transforms the area by creating something of a nook out of nowhere. The other trend involves using a disco ball as decor and reaping the benefits of a million little sparkly dots every time the sun hits it. If you have large windows that get great natural light, as well as not wanting to paint your living space or put up peel-and-stick wallpaper, sun-powered disco dots will be perfect for you!

There’s a new trend that combines perfection when it comes to the glamourous chic look of an arch mural and an interactive disco ball. It’s the sunset lamp. The #sunsetlamp hashtag has garnered over 110 million views as of now, almost all of which include glamour shots of apartment decor. The product itself is a small black rotating standing lamp that, when turned on, projects a sunset-like orb onto the wall.

Scrolling through TikTok is one of the easiest ways to spot new trends. I’m not just talking about fun dances or cooking hacks, but also everything from home improvement tips to life-changing products. We find stylish headboard hacks and home solutions there, like over-the-sink expandable colanders. And that’s what keeps us coming back time and time again.

With the help of TikTok, we can now transform a room with your latest light setup. From a calming gold sunset to a warm and cozy orange glow, you can turn even the dullest interior spaces into your newest Instagram-worthy lighting moments with the Tsrarey Sunset Projection Lamp.

After seeing a friend’s lamp and realizing how inviting it makes a room, I decided to buy one as well. Its bright light and warm, golden glow make it incredibly inviting. Where had this unique and lovely lamp been all my life?

Not only does the projection create a beautiful, soothing, downright dreamy aesthetic, but it’s really easy to get amazing results for at-home photoshoots on TikTok and Instagram. 10/10 results are everywhere on TikTok and Instagram as we speak!

I still haven’t convinced you that this might be right for you? You should know that sunsetlamp-shop.com sells more than one shade of lamps. The company offers colorful options with sunset tones, an endless rainbow or even beachy colors to match your beach house pride. Want a different look every day? Designating time to work on their website instead is as easy as clicking a button!

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